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Jan 6th, 2011
Correction of the White Paper on the possibility to overcome the Betz Limit in wind power extraction

It came to our attention that there seem to be a confusion between the Energy and the Power in our initial paper published in Oct 2009. The corrected document is much cleaner; the power does not intervene anymore, so we eliminated the confusion created by using the power and the energy in our calculations.

The corrections do not change the conclusion or the order of magnitude of Thermal energy extraction vs Kinetic energy extraction.

White Paper - Above Betz Limit

Oct 17th, 2010
TESNIC technology will be present at CANWEA show in Montreal

TESNIC will display its new VAWT design at the CANWEA Tradeshow in Montreal, from November 1st to 3rd, 2010.
You are welcome to visit us in the Small Wind Section of the tradeshow.

Oct 15th, 2009
White Paper on the possibility to overcome the Betz Limit in wind power extraction

In our White Paper we demonstrate that the wind power extraction can go beyond the Betz Limit, without contradicting in any way Betz’s Law. The ability of wind turbines technologies to go beyond the Betz Limit will result in future powerful wind turbines having much smaller dimensions compared to the current large windmills.

Our recent patent application discloses a device able to extract the wind energy beyond the Betz Limit.

Oct 4th, 2009
Progress Struggles

This year at Tesnic we have made tremendous progress from a technology point of view.

We are proud to announce that the Tesnic turbine incorporates now an additional efficiency increase patent pending concept, as well as a new modular design for easier manufacturing and installation.

Our most imperative goal is to start the commercial phase and to offer these high efficient turbines on the market as soon as possible. In fact we will be ready, in a 3 months timeline, to produce the first 4kW turbines (shown in the attached picture) as soon as we get the appropriate financing.

Unfortunately, recent unexpected and furtive financing struggles cast a shadow on the planned timelines.

In spite of the past experiences in the financing area, we are looking forward with confidence. We have already started discussions with other private financing parties and hopefully these struggles will end before long.



Nov 2008
TESNIC technology displayed at the Environmental Hall of Fame event in Chicago

As one of the Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies , TESNIC displayed its technology at the Environmental Hall of Fame event in Chicago, from November 20th to 22nd, 2008. Our turbine raised a particular interest from the nominees and the participants at the event.

March 2008
Achieved important milestone in testing the TESNIC technology

We have succesfully completed a series of tests that conducted to the optimisation of our turbine. Moreover, the tests clearly demonstrated the tremendous effect of the stacked disks in extracting the wind energy.
In identical tests conditions, the performances of a
Darrieus configuration were greatly surpassed by the Tesnic turbine.

Nov 2007
TESNIC technology displayed at the World Energy Congress in Rome,Italy

TESNIC was invited as part of the Canadian delegation at the World Energy Congress in Rome, Italy, from November 11th to 15th, 2007.
Once again the TESNIC technology raised great interest from the participants all over the world.

Oct 2007
TESNIC technology exposed at CANWEA show
in Quebec City

The TESNIC technology raised great interest at the CANWEA show in Quebec City, Canada, from September 30th to October 3rd, 2007. We have posted a video extract on the following link: TESNIC turbine @ CANWEA

Sept 2007
Wind tunnel tests

We are proud to announce the completion of the first phase of the wind tunnel tests of a 600W TESNIC turbine model. We have posted a video extract of these tests on the following link: Wind tunnel tests video.

May 2007
CFD Simulations successfully completed

After more than five months of intensive CFD simulations using the CFX TASC flow tool, we are extremely pleased with the results and ready to start the next phase.

The conclusion of these simulations was that the TESNIC turbine has the ability to extract the wind power with efficiency in the vicinity of the Betz limit.

The next step is to validate the simulation results in wind tunnel tests, as well as in real life tests.


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